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Holiday Inn & suites Ohio is located in United States of America. The hotel is located twenty minutes away from OHIO international airport.

The three stars hotel is being managed by highly qualified and experienced team of professionals. The hotel is owned by a private company in Switzerland.

Holiday Inn & suites is a luxury hotel with latest facilities and modern architecture. Besides that, Holiday Inn & suites has been renovated recently.

Upon entrance at Holiday Inn & suites, there is a large grand piano which is approximately one hundred and fifty years old. The piano in the main lobby gives hotel a rich and special look.

In the morning, free breakfast is served to the guests staying at Holiday Inn & suites, Ohio. The breakfast includes milk, juices, coffee and various types of fiber serials.


Besides that, milk tea and black coffee are free round the clock in front of main desk. Evening snacks are also served with tea of coffee without additional charges.

Furthermore Holiday Inn & suites is offering four types of rooms; basic, standard, luxury and executive class. The basic room starts from $40 only inclusive of all taxes.

For standard room they charge $60 while $150 is charged for luxury rooms. Executive rooms are available from $400 per night.

Each room has electric coffee making, tea making machine. Guests staying at Holiday Inn & suites can ask for microwave oven without paying extra money.

Luxury and executive rooms at Holiday Inn & suites have latest furniture along with custom toiletries. Besides that, each executive room has its own kitchen and small office.