Chicago Five Start Hotel

Britt Scripps Inn also has buy two get one offer. Upon staying for two or more nights, one night stay is offered without any cost along with all facilities.

Guests are served with standard breakfast while upon paying some extra amount; additional items can also be on your breakfast table.

The hotel is more expensive than other hotels in town. They charge about $200 per night for standard room. Rates are different for luxury and executive rooms.

In addition to this, guests can enjoy free swimming pool, mini cinema, free laundry, evening snacks, coffee and indoor gaming area.

Besides that, the hotel also maintains Italian style steam bath and spa center. Free yoga and aerobics are also free for visitors.

Lake Shore, Michigan Avenue, Devon Street and Water Tower are main attractions of city. Chicago River provides a beautiful view for visitors.

The city also has very first automatic car parking system in the world. Twin towers near Michigan Avenue reflect modern architecture of the city.

Visitors can also enjoy coffee with a beautiful view of river only for small amount of money. Besides that, private boat tour is also available for only $20.

Britt Scripps Inn is also providing discount offers on ongoing events in town especially for kids. Free pizza delivery at hotel room is also available for free.