Emirates Airline Five Star Hotel

With the passage of time, Air line industry has progressed dramatically. With new research and technology, more innovation has been introduced then previous decade.

These days, computers and latest chips are being use to make international flights secure and more reliable than past. Air lines are working day and night to make air travel more trust worthy and steadfast.

Emirates have become one of the leading airlines in the world. In a short span of time the airline management has managed to achieve highest rank in the industry.

Besides that, they also have managed to gain trust of passengers across the world. They are providing quality service and luxury journey to famous destinations of the world.

In addition to this, they are also offering international tourism tickets for very fair and reasonable price. They also offer discount to their premium customers.

While travelling from Emirates airline, for business class passengers, they offer VIP lounges on each transit or destination. For first class passengers, they offer executive waiting areas.

The Airline also owns a five star hotel in Dubai where starting price of a standard room is about $300 per night but for special passengers, it is free of cost.

Not only this, for economy class travelers, they also offer additional services for some extra reasonable amount. They also provide fresh and healthy meal to each vacationer.

If we have a look at their fair, they charge almost $800 for London and for hotel visit they charge approximately $50 per night for standard room.