Days Inn Hotel Long Island, New York

Long Island is massively populated, expensive and beautiful island in southeastern state of New York. It is situated on east side of New York State.

According to Statistical department of United States, total population of Long Island is about 7.5 million which is a big number for any city.

United Airways charge around $250 from Chicago to Long Island city and for international flight, fair is up to $500 for single way.

Talking about point of interest in Long Island are Old Westbury Gardens, Sagamore Hill, Splish Splash and Heckscher Museum of Arts.

While traveling to your favorite place, Days Inn Long Island City Hotel is offering the best deal in town. For reasonable price, high quality of service is guaranteed.

Days Inn Long Island City is a casual hotel with free breakfast, internet and late night snacks. There are no additional charges for pets.

As compared to other two star hotels in town, Days Inn is providing better quality room service and facilities.

The hotel also has free access to computer, scanner and printers for visitors. Besides that, there is a big fish aquarium inside hotel lobby.