Air France & Luxury Hotel In Paris

When we hear the word “Paris” the very first things which come into mind are fashion, fragrance and tourism. Paris is a world famous and capital city of France.

Every year, Europe lovers travel Paris since they believe that this is the city for lovers. Besides that, Paris truly represents a rich European culture.

Air France is official airline of France. From London, it only takes one hour and twenty four minutes to reach Paris. For one way trip they charge only $400 for economy class passenger.

France is also famous for having one of the most expensive and luxury hotels in Europe. Their hotel industry is considered one of the best in world.

For rich people, Le Bristol Hotel Paris is the best choice. The five star hotel, with luxury services is being managed by the top management company of France.

The hotel is situated only 10 minutes away from central attractions of Paris. They charge high amount as compare to other hotels but never compromise on quality of service.

Talking about room rent, which is approximately $1000 per night with free internet, laundry, breakfast and evening snacks.