Top 10 festivals in London this fall 2016

London underground stations are an example of modern and effective transport system. Developing countries are following their model to construct underground tracks.

The busiest station is Victoria, also known as Victoria line. Victoria line takes passenger from Walt-ham stow central station. Passengers use Victoria line to travel across United Kingdom.

Liverpool station is the third busy railway station in United Kingdom. From here, trains travel not only across United Kingdom but also Europe.

The trains leave after every half an hour for domestic and well as international destinations. They offer online booking as well as paying cash at the station.

There is a huge shopping mall at station ranging from coffee shops to flower shops. Free internet is also available for passengers and other visitors.

They charge different prices for different places, depends on how far is final end. The trains are highly fuel efficient and luxury.

For international trip, they offer upper and lower class service. Comfortable seats, free meals and snacks are key features of upper class seat.


On the other hand, lower class seats are comfortable but passenger cannot enjoy free unlimited meals and various other services.

Each section of train is hosted by trained and professional staff. There is always a medical specialist in each train as a crew member.