The billion booming Hotel Industry in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is an ultimate tourism destination especially for those who love to enjoy night life. For them, Las Vegas is just like a heaven.

Las Vegas stands on 29th number as far as population is concerned. In addition to this, it is also county seat of Clark County.

This is one of the largest cities within Mojave Desert, United States of America. Las Vegas is a renowned city famous for it gambling, casinos and entertainment.

In addition to this night life, fine restaurants, shopping and dance floors are the most attractive places for visitors.

Las Vegas is situated in state of Nevada which is a leading financial, cultural, commercial and traditional center for Nevada.

The city is also famous by the name of “The Entertainment Capital of the World”. Furthermore it is also ranked among top three destinations in United States for hotels.


Besides that, it also ranks among the best when it comes to business conventions and hospitality industry. It also has the most expensive hotels in the world.

The city has a very different chemistry than any other place. The city is always busy no matter whether it is day or night. Hotel business is making a lot in Vegas.

While walking through the downtown of Las Vegas, The Miragehotel is one of the most economical places to stay and spend quality time.