Public service message for girls in New York dream

New York is a city of dreams for tourists around the world. Even European people want to travel to New York for their vacations.

According to a research report, New York is the most desirable place to live or spend holidays for people around the world.

The city is situated on sea port and there lies “Statue of Liberty” which is a true symbol of American freedom and independence.

Surprisingly, temperature remains very high in summer and during winter the snow hits the entire city. The city never sleeps and there is always hustle and bustle.

New York is an expensive city and high taxes are imposed on employees working there. So you need to have handsome amount if you truly want to enjoy your tour.

The airport is very busy 24 hours and is considered one of the toughest in terms of port entry. They are never ready to compromise passenger’s safety.

In addition to this, people use cabs as a mean of transport. An average cab driver earns more than ten thousand dollars per month.


The city has always been famous for its tallest building in the world. The most renowned is “Empire State Building” with 103 stories.