International reporters facing problems in West London

London is considered as major trade hub in entire Europe. Multinational organizations have their head offices in London.

In past decade, easy visa and immigration policies attracted thousands of immigrants from all over the world. With the passage of time, it became multi cultural city.

Even till date, many people want to settle down in London. UK government provides special facilities to its residents and nationals.

Hyde Park is a main tourist attraction while exploring the city. According to a research report, the park is visited most in entire United Kingdom.


In addition to this, the city has one of the best transport systems in United Kingdom. Even a new comer can go out in London without any guidance.

British Airways in national air line of United Kingdom. The air line is known for its quality air craft and best services.

For one way trip to London they charge around 500 pounds while for round trip the fair is almost 1100 pounds in busy season.

While traveling to London, you must have warm clothes since weather is seriously unexpected. You can experience rapid change in weather anytime.

British architecture is famous for its detailed work but with the passage of time, they moved towards modern way of construction.

Since city is overcrowded, new buildings are being constructed vertically. The city is also facing parking problems during busy hours.