Human rights violations according to the San Francisco report

San Francisco is a beautiful place situated in northern California surrounded by Pacific Ocean and bay known as San Francisco Bay.

The city is famous for world class Golden Gate Bridge, fog, cable cars and colorful houses. The city has many tourist attractions.

Talking about the Golden Gate Bridge, this is almost one mile wide. Total length of the bridge is three miles which connects San Francisco Bay and Pacific Ocean.

The engineers used world class suspension system to build this bridge. The main purpose to use this suspension system was to protect it from wind and floods.

According to a survey, Golden Gate Bridge is the most photographed and most beautiful bridge in the world. It has also been awarded one of the wonders worlds of modern society.

The construction started in year 1933 and bridge was opened in 1937 for general public. It was the longest cable bridge in the world.

Before this bridge, people used to travel by boats from one end to another end. They also used to face unexpected weather change during travel.

This bridge is 79 years old and since then almost 110,000 cars uses it every day. The toll tax for a car is $ 7.50 and for fast track is $6.50.


In addition to this, San Francisco international airport is fourth busiest airport in United States of America. Visitors prefer travelling by American airline.