Boston Massachusetts State’s HIV research center’s final report

Boston is an international city and capital of Massachusetts State, United States of America. The city was founded in year 1630 that is why it is historically important.

The city also had a key role in American Revolution during freedom trail. It is one of the oldest cities in United States.

The city also has one of the best universities and research centers in the world. Some famous and rich people also have been part of these institutes.

Talking to the main city truly represents traditional as well as modern culture. In other word, the city architecture is combination of old and modern era.

While travelling to main attractions of the city, wide verity of fast food is available on each side of roads. The food is available on reasonable prices.

The city attracts more than ten thousand tourists each year. Majority of visitors prefer hotels to spend their vacations.

Various hotels are offering good deals in town but Holiday Inn express is the best choice during summers and winters as well.


Holiday Inn express is two star hotels, owned by world famous Holiday Inn. The hotel provides all facilities for fair prices.

The hotel is situated only twenty minutes away from international airport. The hotel also provides pick and drop service for their guests.