4 Inch Alien found near the city of Lahore

Holiday Inn is one of the most famous chains of hotels around the globe. The lodge is known for its elegance and customer care.

Even in the modern era, the hotel still maintains a traditional customer service and environment. Usually an age group of 40-50 prefers this hotel.

While exiting Chicago air port, the hotel is only two and half miles away from main highway exit. Taking the right turn from main exit saves the travelling time.

Overall atmosphere of hotel is very relaxing. Its interior provides feeling of comfort and home. Furthermore, the staff welcomes its guest warmly.

At hotel, they make sure to cope up with the expectations of visitors. They equally take serious both the walk in and returning customer.

The hotel only provides queen size, king size and executive rooms. That is why their rates are slightly different than others.


Queen and King Size are almost similar as far as price is concerned but the executive one is expensive as compare to other competitors.

Executive’s rooms start from $ 200 and go up to $ 300. Executive rooms are situated only on the top floor which allows minimum interruption.