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California is the largest state in United States of America. The state is famous for its good weather around the year. The place in known has beach heaven.

Interestingly, the west coast side does not have snow or even cold weather in winter. That is why the place attracts more tourists than any other place in USA.

While travelling to Los Angeles, Comfort Inn and sweets is only two miles away from LAX airport. The four star hotel has managed to earn a distinct place in service industry.

The hotel provides free cab service to its customers if they have prior booking with hotel. Otherwise, they usually charge to pick up the passenger from airport.

The six story hotel entertains hundred of walk in customers every single day. The hotel has approximately more than three hundred rooms.

For frequent and regular visitors, they provide various discount offers and bundle deals. A returning customer gets complementary or additional services.


In addition to this, they also make available free stay to their returning customers to remain in business. Besides that, they also endow with free dinner for very first time.