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California is the biggest state of United States of America as far as area is concerned. This is also home of American film industry knows as Holly Wood.

The state has one of the most beautiful airports in United States known as LAX. According to statistics, the airport entertains more than five hundred flights per day.

Los Angeles is only twenty minutes far from airport. The city is famous for its weather and beaches. The most famous is Santa Monica beach.

The beach is very beautiful and also has a play land for visitors. Various game shows and vending machines attract tourists.

In addition to this, the beach is taken care of trained life guards and police. They are always ready to tackle any unusual situation.


Furthermore, there is a restricted area for visitors to protect them from wild fish and other sea creatures. At night, beach is closed for visitors.

In addition to beach, Disney Land is another main source of entertainment for kids and children. Each one has association with cartoons at some stage of life.

There is a 3D cinema inside Disney Land where visitors can watch latest cartoon movies. Furthermore, there is also small water park inside Disney.

For food lovers, the city is not less than a blessing. There is a big network of restaurants depending on the spending power.