Man hanged Twice in Iran but survived

In this era of fast time and rapid technology, most of the people are going far away from socialization. This is because that human lifestyle has taken the shape of machines. They have a lot of work to do every day and there is no as such time to meet friends and family despite weekend.

A family is incomplete without children. A girl becomes woman and a guy becomes man, after having a child. This is the biggest wish of any couple to have a family. Children bring new motivation and happiness for their parents.

Unfortunately, some children are born disabled while other suffers from disability due to some accident or calamity. In western society, such children have special treatments which enable them to spend their life autonomously.

Jennifer was born without legs. The situation was very alarming for her parents since they did not have as such prior experience of raising a child with natural disability.

She was the youngest among her four siblings. Her parents accepted the challenge and decided to raise her like their other children.

She was an active kid and at the age of eight, she started jumping on trampoline with the help of her hands. The parents were quite happy since it was an unexpected act from her. She started developing a passion for such workout.