Humans With Extra Body Parts

We are living in a society where everyone is going far from natural life style and eating pattern. Fast food has replaced organic fruits and vegetables. On the other hand, Soda has taken place of water in our daily routine.

As result, massive change in hormonal levels has been noticed both in men and woman. That is why these days’ unique diseases are coming up. Scientists are doing their job to find out possible solutions to cure such problems.

21st century is also producing exceptional human cases these days. A woman belongs to United States has two uterus.  After her marriage, she gave birth to three children which have never happened in Medical history. She is completely healthy and spending a normal life.

According to scientists, this happens only once in thousand women. On the other hand, she told that her two sisters have also two wombs. She made a record in year 2006 when she gave birth to three normal children.

On the other hand, a 26 years old Brazilian woman gave birth to a child with two heads. She was expecting two babies while she was being taken to labor room. Unexpectedly she gave birth to an exceptional baby with dual face. Again, the child was normal and had no special disease.

During an ultrasound report, the doctors reviled that she is going to have baby who will share one heart. Both babies will have separate brain and spine. The child with twofold head remained healthy.