Safety Procedures after Snake Bites

According to an authentic research, snakes kill almost one hundred people every year. This ratio is more in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka as compare to Canada or United States. Unfortunately, treatment of snake bite is quite expensive in poor countries.

Furthermore, not every hospital or medical clinic is trained to treat such a patient. Due to less facilities in villages or undeveloped areas, many people die due to snake attacks. In western countries, situation is opposite.

Each and every hospital has full facilities to tackle any unwanted situation. Doctors are educated and trained to perform their duties in professional manner. In addition to this, people buy health insurance and accident insurance to secure them.

On the other hand, People in poor countries do not have such extra cash to bear insurance expenses. Government should take some actions against insurance sellers on higher price. Life security is a basic right of every human being. Insurance policies and lawyers should be in reach of every single individual.