Increasing Harassment Cases In India

India is portrayed as an ideal tourist place especially on Television and social media. That is why; hundreds of visitors love to travel this part of the world. The true story is far way opposite than shown on internet or television. The situation is becoming worse for foreigner girls, coming to India.

India is a country where every second woman is harassed either by stranger or colleague. In recent years, the graph of woman harassment has gone significantly up than previous years.  Recently a very shameful incident took place in India which was jeopardized by their media.

A tour guide from United States came to India to spend her holidays. She was new to India and did not know anyone there. She was also unaware of famous places in the city since she had only watched them over internet. Unfortunately, four Indian men victimized her to fulfill their lust. Later on, the lady launched a written application against those men.

This shameful act has degraded the image of country as a whole. There are always good people in the society but some bad people are destroying credential of the whole nation. We will have to sit and think about it otherwise the world would not be a safe place for humanity anymore.