Human race and the scientific advancements in genetics in 2016

Human genetics is a very complicated subject and this is often called the science of human redevelopment. Ever since human beings started progressing, its been their dream to be a super human.

The fiction characters such as Spider man, Superman, The Hulk, Batman are all based on the concepts of super humans which are thought to be achieved by the engineering related to the human genetics.

Human cloning is the last limit of this horrific branch of science. Human beings are not limited in their thinking and this is why sometimes they create monsters for themselves.

However one particular person investment big amount of bucks in order to get the face of his beloved dog that died in front of him. This is a very strange tribute that someone has ever planned in the human history.


The unknown guy from the USA made this exceptional plan and carried out with a team of some exceptional doctors and surgeons from all over the world.

This could be a night mare for any human being but this crazy person took himself to the extreme limits. There are also doubts that he volunteer for a scientific experiment.